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Trailing Stop Loss! Use It to Increase Your Profits!

The Stop Loss could perhaps be one of the most powerful trading tools available to a trader. It is traditionally used by the majority of traders especially short term Forex traders to protect their position from a change in market direction of an existing open position. When a trade is entered at a set priceContinue reading “Trailing Stop Loss! Use It to Increase Your Profits!”

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis defines for traders and investors clear buying and selling opportunities in the markets by observing support and resistance lines. Its important to note that many traders dismiss technical analysis and claim that all it does is give you a representation of past price action and reveals nothing about the future. Market technicians however,Continue reading “What is Technical Analysis?”

Comparing CFD Providers

Comparing CFD Providers

When you are embarking on CFD Trading, it is advisable to look for expertise in your CFD provider. This is important if you want to enjoy high profits. You should consider many aspects when you want to choose a Contract For Difference broker. The first one is of course the margins for profits and commissions.Continue reading “Comparing CFD Providers”

Futures Trading Guide

Futures (CFD Spy) are financial contracts whereby the purchaser is obliged to obtain the asset and the seller to sell the asset set for its future amount and date. The underlying instrument can be a physical commodity, or a financial instrument that is predetermined. The said asset will be acquired or sold at its currentContinue reading “Futures Trading Guide”